The Real Reason WHY?

You're Not Alone

Even if you don't have hand pain or weakness, the car seat buckle can be tough to open sometimes.  Add to it Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel or a hand injury and it's almost impossible to get that buckle open.  I had a broken thumb on one hand and Carpal Tunnel in the other...that's when I had the idea to invent bucklebopperTM!

Grandparent Caregiver?

There are approximately 600,000 Grandparents who are primary caregivers for children under the age of 5, who have arthritis in their hands.  2.7 Million Grandparents in the United States today are the primary caregivers for children under the age of 5.  Approximately 25% of them have Arthritis in their hands. 

New Mom?

Over 3 Million new moms each year develop Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel or Mother’s Thumb within six months of giving birth.  4 Million babies are born each year.  As the age of new mothers gradually increases so do the risks for hand pain and tendonitis immediately after child birth.  Working moms are an especially high risk group because of keyboarding and smart phone use. 

Big Family?

Many parents with big families find it useful to have a bucklebopperTM in the car to assist the older kids with getting younger kids out of their car seats.

Other Reasons?

 Moms who have long fingernails, or those who live in harsh winter climates and need bulky gloves during the winter months, will find bucklebopperTM to be a great help.